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Our perspective is transparent, friendly, ambitious, and team oriented.

You will see the competitive, inspiring, and rewarding environment of e-koruma. In our company, you will have the opportunity to gain new skills and experiences in a positive environment. Additionally, you will have the opportunity for development for success.
What we are looking for in our employees:
Idea: We want our employees to be self-competent, reliable, and who can manage the business.
Doing the Job: We care about experience, skills, and doing the job. In this sense, you should say “what should I do now?” rather than “I don’t know what to do”.
Willingness: We want you to develop your skills, gain experience, and increase your responsibility as we move forward.
Team spirit: All our employees should work in harmony. Team work to achieve the determined objectives and sharing the team success is an important asset.
You are our representative: You oral and written communication skills should be excellent. You will work with our clients, partners, colleagues, and people from different sub-cultures. In this sense, you need to be an effective speaker as you are representing is waiting for you;
Please do not apply with phone-call.
You can send your CV to or complete the form for your applications.
Thank you.