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What is e-koruma.net?2018-06-26T09:51:43+00:00
  • It will be hard to protect yourself or your company in an environment where digital documents change their location just in seconds compared to physical environment.
  • People tend to express their ideas which they could not express in the real world on digital environment. Individuals and companies are struggling with contents that are generated by sinister intention and that infringes the rights of individuals and companies.
  • World needs digital protection where tweets leave a permanent mark on the reputation of individuals and companies.
  • e-koruma.net is your protector and advisor on the digital environment and İnternet.

    With e-koruma.net,
    We can locate any unauthorized content on the Internet, remove such content, and start legal actions against the responsible parties. You and your brand reputation will be protected.

Why e-koruma.net ?

  • E-koruma.net  consists of a reputable team of law and media experts and provides fast solutions with affordable costs.

  • We know where the inappropriate content is and how to remove it with our legal, journalist, and information technology experts.
  • We have partnership with Kurtulus&Partners Law Firm which is one of the leaders in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Laws and Copyrobo which is one of the global leaders in detecting Intellectual Property Rights and International Testimony.